We have 12+ Years of Experience in Civil Construction works problem solution.

Engineer Tonic Chemical Industries Ltd. is the leading and only local manufacturer of building and any other construction oriented chemicals and materials with extra-ordinary properties which are claimed better ones in comparison with respective field. Manufacturer of various types of building & construction chemicals such as concrete admixtures with excellence, cementatious grouting for concrete joints, heat reducing & water proofing roof ,damp and water proofing liquid felt, cemmentitious alloy for water leakage, rust remover ,pest controlling products and any other constructional problem solving products which are truly for sound construction and healthy environment. Our Research & Development Department (R&D) has been analyzing, improving and adapting new invented technologies to provide quality services for our honorable clients.

Engineer Tonic Chemical Industries Ltd. started its journey as one of the pioneers in the construction chemicals industry in Bangladesh. Engineer Tonic Chemical Industries Ltd. established its construction chemical plant-1 at Daudkandi, Cumilla, Chattagram. with the state of the art modern machinery whereas the finest quality raw materials are used to produce high quality raw materials imported from Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, China, Indonesia & India. As a result, we have been able to draw the market attention to our "Engr. Tonic" branded admixture within a very short period of time. Also we are actively involved in various construction projects through the country. Engineer Tonic Chemical Industries Ltd. Engineering also importing building materials to meet the desired level of quality products. It will be an obvious to mention that, we have been able to come so far by a team of highly dedicated and very energetic young professionals. As a result. The level of our customers satisfactions are crossing its limits day by day. Thanks to all of our honorable clients for supporting and forcing our company towards a very better future.

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