About our Supply Chain:    

Construction chemical industry of Bangladesh is driven by many challenges on the ground of limited natural endowment and growing domestic demand due to high economic development. This creates an intensely complex industrial mechanism where supply chain of construction chemical industry contributes to a great extent.

Construction chemical industry is the basic industry which plays a critical role in the sustainable development of the economy of Bangladesh. As an industry leader, Engr. Tonic guides the key parameters of supply and demand chain of the industry. Ensuring the best quality raw materials with competitive sourcing is the main challenge within the industry.

Engr. Tonic possesses one of the biggest supply chain networks within the steel industry of Bangladesh. To meet the growing demand of the market and for sustainable growth of the industry, Engr. Tonic supply chain plays a vital role in synchronizing the end-to-end connection. Starting from the raw material sourcing to delivering the finished steels goods to the customer’s door, Engr. Tonic supply chain ensures the best level of service to meet internal and external customer satisfaction.